We have two types of forms namely: THE GROUP/FAMILY REGISTRATION FORM & THE SINGLE REGISTRATION FORM. The single registration form can also be used by Tour Only Pilgrims.

    The group lead shall complete details of other intending pilgrims on the systems (or on the form whichever they choose) including the number of pilgrims going to Israel with the group. Group registration process are in two parts. The first part requires personal details of individual members in the group. For online registration this is simple however if you are using manual forms for the group registration you must complete the group registration forms for each member of the group. For those fillin the Group Registration forms online the system will generate etour code for each member of the group upon the completion of the first part of the group registration. The team lead will then login through with the etour code and password of each member of the group to complete the second part of the group registration which among other things include details such as: Passport photograph, International passport data page, visa on the passport, church affiliation, employment, sponsor details etc. Group registration is not complete until the second part of the pilgrim whole profiles are fully completed.

    If you are going to Israel all alone you shall fill single registration form. The registration process had been simplified online.When you click on Single Registration the system will ask you to SELECT MEMBERSHIP TYPE. Please choose TRCCG MEMBER (If you are an ordained minister in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God and you have a TRCCG CODE). If you click on TRCCG MEMBER the system will prompt you for TRCCG CODE and CMS PASSWORD. If these details were correct the system will pick all your details from the Church Management System and use same to complete the form for you. You should go through the completed form and load your recent passport photo, data page of international passport, visa etc to complete the form. If you don't remember your TRCCG CODE or you are not registered on the Church Management System you can click on OTHERS then you should complete the registration form yourself.

    In order to complete the registration, it is important that you provide a valid and accessible e-mail address. You can get FREE email addresses from Yahoo or Gmail . 

    Images required to successfully complete the online application form are:
    • * Passport Photograph.
    • * Scanned data page of international passport.
    • * Scanned image of entry visa (if any)

      View sample recommended image postures or Validate your scanned images for compliance with the requirement of immigration office in Israel. Width of scanned images must be between 350 - 640 pixels, Height must be between 350 - 640 pixels otherwise the system will not allow you to submit your registration form.

    Other information required to fill the form include your full bio-data, religious affiliation, Employment details, active telephone number(s), etc. Where there are errors in the entered data , the form is redisplayed with all errors highlighted for you to make corrections.

    After successfull completion of the registration details, applicants will be presented with a confirmation page to either submit the application by clicking the "Confirm Entry" button or "Edit" button to alter the information provided.

  4. Registration Acknowledgment receipt
    After confirming your entry, you will receive a printable Acknowledgment receipt containing your login details, an email will be sent to your inbox as well. Applicants are advised to print the confirmation page by clicking the Print confirmation button. Please note that you will use the information sent to you to login into the membership area as a registered member to make payment, to get updates on Israel 2020 tour etc. For family members to stay together during the tour they must register as a group.

If you register for the tour after 1st March, 2020, you will be required to pay the full tour cost before we can begin processing of your application. From March 2020 the Tour cost will depend on the current fare received from the airlines which atimes will not include group discount. If we are unable to secure a seat for you on any of the airline the amount paid net penalty charges will be refunded to you. For more information on how to pay for the trip please click on  TOUR DATES & TOUR COST 

Meanwhile you can download the registration form online to get acquainted with the requirement for online registration. If you are not familiar with the Israel 2020 registration form it will take you about 30minutes to complete the online registration, however if you have downloaded the form and complete it manually in readiness for online registration it will take you less than 20minutes to complete the form online. For further enquiries kindly get in touch with the RCCGeTOUR support group. Israel 2020 will now close on 28th March, 2020 at 6.00pm exactly.

# Applicants with valid passport but no visa can also apply.
# All Correspondences should be directed to our Contact Details


Membership Type


Single Registration
Members who wish to travel alone but can share a room.


Group Registration
Members who wish to travel as a group(e.g. family, church).


Tour Only
Members who wish to meet us in Israel.